Tips Design Keychain

Tips to Design Keychains

Here you can find all the information you need to design Keychains. We have experience of making more than 200,000 of keychains  with different sizes.

Tips to Design Keychain Using Coreldraw for Laser Cutting


A) Draw the Outline of the Keychain

There are 3 types shapes that I usually use which are Round, Square or Custom Shapes. In this video, we use Circle as the shape for the Keychain.

B) Download the logo

Most of the logo in the internet comes in form of full colour. We need to change it to Black and white format. This is because the laser cut machine read the file in black and white for engraving. Any Full colour that presents in the logo will results in not consistent of results( Ugly) . To make things easier, download the logo in vector black and white format. Believe me it will save you a lot of time in designing keychains.

C) Choose the Right Font

For me , Font is too abstract to choose. I would recommend for you to try /show at least 3 different font to your customers on the keychains . Let them decide which font is the best for their usage. You can find lots of font in Google. Some of the fonts cost 5 dollars to 99 dollars.

D) Make sure Design the Holes for the Keyring

Do not forget to design a holes size of 2.8mm for you to put the keyring.  Size of holes ranging from 2.5mm to 4mm depends on the type of keyring you have.

E) Any questions.

Feel Free to ask you any questions on .