Here you can find all the information you need for Medals, Plaque , Trophy and Laser Cutting. We will share with you the latest tips and information that will save your time and money. Follow us now.

Fight Covid 19 Face Shield

This Face Shield is a fully adjustable head harness that can be adjusted up and down, front and back easily and fits comfortably with most goggles and respirators.

It features a 10" by 7" shield made of Anti-Fog PMMA Acrylic 2mm.

Tips to Design Keychain Using Coreldraw for Laser Cutting

There are 3 types shapes that I usually use which are Round, Square or Custom Shapes. In this video, we use Circle as the shape for the Keychain.

Do not forget to design a holes size of 2.8mm for you to put the keyring.

10 Sebab Kenapa Perlu Warm Up Sebelum Bersukan

Warm up atau memanaskan dan meregangkan badan adalah perkara sangat penting sebelum bersukan. Warm up akan  mempersiap-sediakan jantung, paru-paru dan otot anda untuk aktiviti yang memerlukan lebih tenaga dan berintensiti tinggi. Mari fahami lebih lanjut supaya.....


Every medal tells a story and exclusively unique on its own. A medal is a piece-of-art and grandeur that the receiver share with their loved one. Medal tells the story of pain staking hard work, discipline, time management and sacrifice of an athlete.


Laser Tube operate efficiently at low temperature. The lower the temperature the better the performance. However, low temperature of water will results in water condensed at the tube and the whole piping sytem.

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Merentas Amerika

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Design a suitable background on the lanyard but remember it must be related with the event logo or the norm culture of the country. Below I attached a few samples of lanyard that we have design. Be creative.

Free Design Replika Cek Mock Cek
Kahwin 2020/2021

Replika cek merupakan satu aspek penting dalam hantaran kahwin. Terdapat pelbagai jenis replika cek antaranya Kertas , Kayu dan Acrylic Crystal. Walaupun berbeza medium, konsep design replika cek adalah sama sahaja. Anda boleh download dan pilh replika cek kesukaan anda di dalam file ini

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Advantura Pulang ke Malaya

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