5 Tips Design Finisher Medal

5 Tips to Design Finisher Custom Medal

5 Tips to Design Finisher Custom Medal


Every medal tells a story and exclusively unique on its own. A medal is a piece-of-art and grandeur that the receiver share with their loved one. Medal tells the story of pain staking hard work, discipline, time management and sacrifice of an athlete. We at Synapsis have designed medals for more than hundreds of events around the world. Here we would like to share 5 tips on how to design the best Finisher Custom Medal for your Events.

Tips 1 – Get all the information about the Event

Here is the most important list that you need to get before you design a medal.

  1. Name of the Event
  2. Date of the Event
  3. Event Logo
  4. Type of Event( Marathon, Cycling, Dualthon, Ironman)
  5. Name of sponsors of the Event
  6. Tagline of the Event

Tips 2 – Shape & colors. Be Unique and Different

To get the idea of the shape of medal. First we need to get some inspiration on how the medal usually looks like in the market. We would recommend to search in Google for example “Marathon Medal”. By that we have some few ideas on how they generally look like. Then the next step would be looking at your Event Logo, follow the shapes of the cartoon, animals, building or object. Here at Synapsis we encourage clients to be unique about the shape because we can custom any shape and full colors with no additional charges. The key is to think out of the box. Please keep in mind the size of medal is between 7cm to 10cm.

Tips 3- Design Lanyard for Medal

Generally we use lanyard polyester size of 90cm x 2cm. It can be printed on both side. To design the lanyard, usually I will make a box size of 90cm x 2.5cm (5mm extra for bleed). The next step is to design a suitable background on the lanyard but remember it must be related with the event logo or the norm culture of the country. Below I attached a few samples of lanyard that we have design. Be creative.

Tips 4 – Choose the Right Material for your Medal

There are lots of types of material for Medal. Below are some of the most famous material for medals.

  1. Acrylic
  2. Zinc Alloy
  3. Gold
  4. Silver
  5. Bronze
  6. Wood

Different type of medal have different purposes. We would generally use Acrylic , Wood and Zinc Alloy due to their low price and easy to design.


Tips 5 – Delivery Date of Medal

Keep in mind the process from designing a medal to the arrival at your doorstep will take usually around 35 days. But our motto is delivery within 14 days. It is really important to carefully plan all the process. We heard lots of stories whereby Event Organizer didn’t receive the medal during the day of the Event. Then they need to send out using post each of the medal to the participants. They loss few thousands dollar due to their improper planning. 


Let 3D Synapsis Design Medal for you

We are one of the largest manufacturer of medal in Malaysia. We have 5 years’ experience in design and making medals. We have laser cutting machines and UV Printing machines that can make up to 5000 units of medal per day. Feel free to contact us. This is our hotline +6019-3644423. or direct Whatsapp click Here