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Laser Cutting Service

 Acrylic Laser Cutting Service

We have many years of experience in Laser Cutting Acrylic range from thickness of 1mm to 10mm. We usually suggest the client to use Cast Acrylic because it have better cutting finished compared to Extruded Acrylic. We use Malaysia Made Acrylic not China because the quality is better in terms on strength and finishing. Do let us know what thickness that you would like to use for your project. We have in stock 1mm,2mm, 3mm , 5mm and 10mm Clear Acrylic

Wood laser Cutting Service

We are expert in Laser Cutting Wood and Plywood in Malaysia. To be honest, cutting wood using laser require Experience Engineer to operate the machine because wood will release unwanted oil/resin that may damage the laser Cutting machine. We upgrade our Laser Cutting Machine to accomodate this problem by changing the Head of the Machine. Carpenter usually choose us because our quality.

We have in stock 3mm , 5mm , 8mm and 12mm high grade Plywood from the Jungle of Pahang.


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Laser Cut Service


          Laser Cut Price

1. We are professional in quoting price.

2. We quote according to MINUTES.

3. As low as RM1 to RM3 based on Material thickness.

How to prepare the FILE?

A) In Adobe Illustrator, save it as normal file and send to us

B) In Solidworks   , save it as DXF or DWG.


Wide range of Material

1) MDF

2) Plywood

3) Acrylic

4) Leather and More

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