Laser Cut Guide for Architecture


How to Prepare Autocad file for Laser Cutting


1. Scale Properly . The 1:1 scale is too big to laser cut. No one in this world cut this big. You may choose 1:20 , 1:100 or 1:1000. The proper scaling is very hard to say because every drawing will need different scaling for lasercutting.

2. After proper scaling, if possible please use only one colour(for example red). I forget to mention in the video. One colour will make the lasercutting process 30% faster

3.Then, draw box of 600mm x 400mm . Put all your drawing into the box. If the box didnt fit. Either you scale down the project or draw another box of 600 x 400mm. (600mm x 400mm represents the size of material that the artshop usually supply.

4. You can download the BOX for example purposes. In the below link






Make sure proper scaling

and put into the box








SAVE as .dxf 2007







Send to





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