Engineering Services

3D Print Service


We provide 3D Printing service at a really good price.

Free delivery for more than RM2000.


Price for 3D Printing

RM2 per gram for all 3D model.

Raya/Chinese New Year promotion RM1.7 per gram



How to Prepare the File to Print?


Save it as .Stl.

All 3D Software has the option to save/export to format STL Files.



How to choose the material?


For Prototype purposes, we suggest to 3D Print using PLA Filament


For working prototype, we suggest to 3D Print using ABS Filament

Hire us to design?


We have more than 10 years of experience in complex 3D Structure.


Our Engineers

1) Mechanical Engineer

2) Electrical Engineer

3) Mechatronic Engineer

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